Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

00V • 1 Cessna Drive, Meadow Lake Airport Peyton CO 80831-6051



Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 18:04 hours by.

Officers in attendance were:

Lynn French President,

Mark Robinson Secretary

Dave Elliott, Treasurer,

Jack Dhooghe, Director

Lee Wolford, Director.


Richard Martin Vice President,

Mark Shook,

Secretary’s Report

No changes to emailed copy.

Treasurer’s Report

Credit cards have been paid.

1070 Account is in the red internally,, $7K used for maintenance.


We were going to receive $62.8K on reimbursement program, but $31K is what we should expect.

Someone put another $40 into Katrina relieve fund. A check to Angel Flight will be sent.

Travel reimbursement is at $168, which is on schedule.

Propane $556.00 double of what is budgeted, but budget is linear. It will get caught up.

$31.5K out of $60K. Still have half of dues to be paid.

Received $2K from El Paso, which wasn’t enough, a letter will be written.

Professional fees- Spent $30K to date.

Airport Safety report not given

Maintenance report not given

Architectural control committee

Cell tower has been shifted in location, and height is now 106 feet.

Xcel energy is putting in high tension lines close to the existing ones, on West side of Meridian..



RFP being prepared for open drainage along Cessna drive.

Presidents report

Notice of grant award of $100K for updating Airport Master Plan Study.

$350K to help pay back the land we purchased.

Debt under $900K

FAA request a public meeting on April 18 at 17:45

Request from Dan Ferguson to attend

FAA did not anticipate more than $5M for the next five years.

Travis made the comment that they would monitor the existing runway.

Travis also made the comment that if the runway came apart, they would come up with a plan.

The FAA gave little chance of funding a crosswind runway.

Met with county and they feel we should be PUD Zoned.

Representative for Sante Fa Springs indicated that there would be no problem with flight paths going to the east over their area.

Concern was expressed about drainage

County wants study on ground traffic patterns (Curtis road, Judge Orr).

County is concerned about the land on the South East corner (Curtis road and Falcon Highway), being zoned residential.

Suggestion by Mr. French was that maybe the Airport should try to obtain the land.

General discussion about funds that will be received from the State and FAA, and where they are allowed to be spent.


Old Business

Discussion about progress on runway repair, and potential bids.

New Business

Member comments

Verlin Schauer: Bickering going on between the board and the development going on the east side of Cessna Drive. Last year the Board approved the development. It is up to the developer to continue progress, and coordinate with the county. The FAA is displeased with the arguing of the board members. The board was suppose to stagger positions, but that has never happened.

Jack Dhooghe and Lee Wolford revealed that the by-laws have been changed by the attorney, Victoria, to allow staggered terms.

Discussion on how to implement the staggered terms most effectively.

Lee Wolford’s letter addressing asphalt practices and the parallel runway. Mr. Wolford denied writing the letter, even though a copy was produced showing his typed signature, and his participation was annotated in the header.

Asphalt at the entrance was cut out and re-laid.

A discussion followed about the unprofessional method of complaints used by Lee Wolford, Jack Dhooghe, and Richard Martin, by sending out mail to part of the membership and not including the entire membership. It was further noted that Lee Wolford, Jack Dhooghe and Richard Martin complained about items without first addressing those items to the board, which would have been the above board manner to conduct business. Although the letter was produced validating the complaint about the un-professionalism of the three members involved, Lee Wolford and Jack Dhooghe denied any involvement.


Ron Lee’s letter to Lynn French was read by Lynn French. The letter concerned one of his hangar entrances being blocked by a neighbor. The issue occurred on private property. It was explained to Mr. Lee that the board had no jurisdiction on private property.

Fuel surcharge: Added as an agenda item for the annual meeting.

Motion by Lee Wolford to send in the fee for a ground water application.

Second by Jack Dhooghe


Lynn French: Will assign election judges that do not have relationships to any of the candidates.

Lee Wolford: Staggered term lengths should be determined by a lottery.

Lynn French: Volunteers will be sought for shorter terms, and then maybe a lottery if no one volunteers.

Motion by Dave Elliott: At all elections of MLAA the persons designated to count member votes shall follow the voting procedures as set forth in the legally organized and recorded governing documents of all hangar associations, homeowners association, corporations, condominium associations and other legally formed entities whose owners own real property within the boundaries of MLAA as evidenced by certified copies of the relevant documents.

Second by Mark Robinson

General discussion about the possibility of MLAA accidentally enforcing an association rule that might be contrary to state laws.

In favor Dave Elliott, Mark Robinson, Lynn French

Oppose Jack Dhooghe, Lee Wolford

Motion passed

Discussion about the legal platting of lots sold by Comanche express aka Keith Strickland, and Lee Wolford.

Motion by Dave Elliott to notify members of that the Fire District is requesting more money without justification.

Second by Mark Robinson


Motion by Mark Robinson to reimburse Jack Keen for his expense in his mailing to the board.

Motion died.


Adjourned at 19:10

Agenda for next meeting:

Agenda Item: Staggering board member terms.

Agenda Item: Approve fuel surcharge for aircraft use.