Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

00V • 1 Cessna Drive, Meadow Lake Airport Peyton CO 80831-6051


Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 17:47 hours by Lynn French. Officers in attendance were:

Lynn French President,

Richard Martin Vice President,

Mark Robinson Secretary,

Jack Dhooghe Director,

Mark Shook, Director

Lee Wolford Director

Correction to last month’s minutes
Lee Wolford was present

Stewart is spelled Steward

Remove humor for official minutes

Fly-in is not an EAA fly-in, but merely a Fly-in.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer absent, available by phone.

Hard copy distributed.

Equipment Report

Oral report by Richard Martin

Chevy Truck

$100.00 Diagnosis fee

Wrong computer IC installed which cost $900.00

DIA will pay for IC

Fuel quantity / price discussion

Big broom inop.

Runway lights not recommended by ADG tech.

Lower wattage bulbs recommended for taxi lights.

Secondary report by Greg VanDeputte

Six main runway light are missing.

Specification call for 45 watt bulbs, not known if 30 watt bulbs will work.

Obtained a 55 gallon drum of oil.

Description of previous light installation.

International has bad transmission. No salvage value.

Planning Committee Report

No action Report

Architectural Control Committee Report

No action to report

President Report

Good possibility that building will not have to be moved.

Airport layout plan was submitted to FAA.

An attempt will be made to obtain a small rectangular piece of property, for runway realignment due to intersection.

We are trying to change designation to MLA.

According to Julia Murphy

171.65 acre feet in Denver aquifer

169 acre feet in Arapahoe aquifer

163 acre feet in Laramie Fox Hills aquifer

Total 504.54 acre feet of water.

Two wells on airport property.

Old Business

Trash container from BestWay to arrive on Friday.

Back of building is cleaned up.

Rear steps are assembled with dec screws, and may be unsafe.

New Business:

Concern for condition of building

ADA should be addressed as building is upgraded.

Motion by Lee Wolford to have an independent audit on an annual basis

Second by Mark Shook


Motion by Mark Shook that Equipment Co-Chairman be a signer on the Equipment account and two signatures required for expenditures over $3000.00

Second by Mark Robinson


Greg VanDeputte resigned, but volunteered to continue to help.

Dan Fisher to be added to accounts.

Greg Johnson volunteered to assess condition of stairs and issue estimate for upgrade or other alternatives as to building so that it would remain useful and ADA compliant.

Adjourned at 18:45