Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

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Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 17:45 hours by Lynn French. Officers in attendance were:

Lynn French President,

Richard Martin Vice President,

Mark Robinson Secretary,

Dave Elliot Treasurer,

And Directors:

Jack Dhooghe,

Mark Shook,

Lee Wolford.

Secretaryís Report

Re: Dave Elliott MLA 14 filing:

Lee Wolford objected to his comment as stated. Says his concern is about the safety and traffic exiting onto Echo taxiway. He also objected to non secular comments being included in the minutes.

Jack Dhooghe objected to statement about his failure to state that he had signed a letter on behalf of the Board approving the filing.

Re: minutes and Children's Tumbling Gym.

Richard Martin posed an objection, stating that the minutes should more accurately reflect what was said at the meeting. Richard continued his objection by saying there had been a lengthy discussion about the board sending a letter to Pebbles Tumbling Gym, indicating how unsafe it was. Richard said he thought the letter was an action item by the board.

Richard was reminded by Lynn French that the agreement was for Greg Johnson to find out who authorized the tumbling gym.

Lee Wolford indicated that the minutes were "way too verbose", and that the actual meeting didnít spend that much time on the topic in the first place.

Lee Wolford restated his concern about the safety and traffic exiting onto Echo taxiway in regard to the Elliott filing. Lee Wolford restated his objection to non-secular comments being in the minutes.

Jack Dhooghe objected again to the portion of the minutes that indicated he did not offer any recollection or information about the letter he had written approving the MLA Filing 14. He said he never made a statement that he had no recollection of making a statement. Lynn French explained that the minutes merely stated that Jack Dhooghe offered no recollection, or information and the minutes reflected that Jack Dhooghe failed to inform the Board about the letter he had sent. Jack Dhooghie complained that people put their own opinions in the minutes. He further said that the minutes should be what is discussed.

Lee Wolford said he had no objection to what was put in the minutes, but thought it was redundant, but had on objections.

Minutes stand approved with comments and that Fisher is spelled without a "c."

Jack Dhooghe complained that there were no hard copies of the agenda. Furthermore he said we had agreed to have hard copies of the agenda.

Secretary Mark Robinson objected to his recollection, stating that it had never been agreed to, but the Secretary had been printing the agenda to satisfy the request of the Directors. Mr. Dhooghe was asked if he was incapable of printing his own agenda before the meeting and indicated that at times he was.

Lee Wolford complained about minutes being distributed in a timely manner. Mark Robinson suggested minutes go out two weeks after the meeting.

Note: Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Lee Wolford complained about the agenda not being sent in a timely manner. Lynn French explained that the agenda is a document that is continually changing and it would be difficult to distribute it too early and have accuracy.

Motion by Lynn French that the minutes be sent out two weeks after the meeting.

Second Mark Shook


Mark Shook noted that in the past, it was his experience that board members donít call in agenda items until the last minute. The Secretary volunteered to send out the generic agenda, and the President will collect specific items and finalize the agenda before the meeting. Lee commented that the board needs the specific items in advance.

Treasurerís Report by Dave Elliott

$113,000.00 in cash

$22,000.00 in airport improvement fund

Treasurer has sent out to the state for reimbursement for ADG which is about $50,000.00

Check from Joy Nixon. This is the first time everyone has paid up dues in eight years.

Received letter from State Department of Revenue that all property that the airport owns in now under a tax exempt status.

We anticipate a$2300.00 refund on taxes paid for the last two years

Budget and assessment is the same as presented at the work session with the exception of professional fees which was changed from $50,000.00 to $119,000.00 to match the State Grant. Property tax instead of $3000.00 shows the $2300.00 refund.

No runway maintenance included as there will be grant money. $163,000.00 was put in for the crack seal, slurry coat and engineering that the State is going to do.

Jack Dhooghe inquired about the method of runway maintenance.

It was noted that the grant was only for doing the crack seal and slurry seal. A total overlay would have been at least $869,000.00.

FAA anticipates crack sealant will last 3 years.

A general discussion of the budget, with explanation of some of the line items in the budget was held by the Board.

Ricky Campbell- if donít enforce fuel assessment, then $1000.00 need to be subtracted from the budgetary act.

Lee Wolford inquired about line item 5320, which was $10,000.00, but was changed to $5000.00. Response was that services from George Brewer will decrease, now that the grant process is underway.

Richard Martin posed a question about $869,000.00 that was for runway and taxiway overlay. Clarification was given that the grant is only for crack seal and a seal coat, not an overlay.

Lynn mentioned that we need to consider the building repairs including the stairs, and ADA compliance. Lee Wolford commented that we have to do an assessment on the condition of the building. Lynn French related the fact that Mark Miller said we wonít have to move the building. Lee Wolford suggested that we leave the building as is for a whileÖ thinks it is more extensive, and we should consider the amount of storage space we might need due to the addition equipment we have acquired. Greg Johnson stated that an assessment can be made, but an architect should be brought into the process rather quickly. Greg Johnson declined to give a guess on the cost of an architect. For future meetings, building will be on agenda, as it possesses a potential liability.

A lengthy discussion of the budget took place.

Dave Elliott explained that a 25% assessment would yield $70,500.00, and subtract $2,600.00 for each percent below that. He warned that a previous board had lowered the assessment once before, and the reserves that were used, have not been recouped.

Richard Martin inquired about the $150,000 reliever fee. Dave Elliot explained that we would get a total of $350,000.00. $150,000.00 from Federal and $200,000.00 from State. There will also be fall out money at the end of the year, but that amount is yet to be determined. He explained where the funds come from. Lee Wolford asked about how submissions are done? A general discussion ensued on the process. Dave Elliot indicated that he is already applying for funds that we have already spent.

Lee Wolford commented on the great job that Dave Elliott has done.

Jack Dhooghe reminded the Board that we almost got into trouble a couple of years ago be assessing too low and stated that we donít want to go back to the membership for more.

Lee Wolford asked Dave Elliott if 22% is adequate as Dave is the most knowledgeable about the budget. Dave Elliot suggested that an assessment of 22% which would give us a surplus of $50,000.00. and would be appropriate.

Motion by Mark Shook to set the dues assessment at 22%

Second Lee Wolford



Equipment Report given by Richard Martin

Ordered new door for truck.

Put a heater on International.

Air Traffic Coordinator Report

Lee Wolford commented that there will be a report at the next meeting, as he was approached by someone on the airport about two incidents involving the Air Force. Lee Wolford said he would get the details and schedule a low key meeting to handle the situation. He commented on the new Air Force school being started in Pueblo.

Bulls Eye was brought up, as the Air Force doesnít intend to use it due to lack of manning for fire fighting. Meadowlake doesnít have that problem due to the fire fighters in Falcon.

Planning Committee Report by Dan Fisher

Road access and the submitted ALP was discussed during last meeting with ADG (Jim Sirhall) Met with county officials Mike Hrebenar and Paul Daniel to discuss drainage problems.

Discussion on drainage by Dave Elliott.

Motion by Mark Shook that we gather bids to assess drainage along Cessna Drive

Second Lee Wolford

Passed Lynn French delegated to planning committee the task of getting bids.

Architectural Control Committee

Greg Johnson commented that individuals building hangars have used Colorado Engineer for their drainage studies. Therefore Colorado Engineering has a huge database from years past on drainage.

Tumbling Gym. Greg stated that he did not contact Regina Morris as he did not want to set a precedence where the ACC becomes the "police" for the airport, especially on matters that donít involve members. Greg suggested that owner Dale Birkbigler be the person to handle the situation. Greg had talked to the owner, but Dale Birkbigler was unaware it was against building permit regulations to have the tumbling gym. The owner is willing to not renew lease and will send the Board a letter that he will maintain positive control of the tumbling operation until the end of his lease in about 10 months. Greg noted that legal action would probably take longer than 10 months and recommended this as a good resolution of the matter.

Lynn French suggested that we need to send out a letter informing/reminding people that this is an airport and the uses are limited to airport related matters.

Mark Shook suggested that we should clarify the type of uses allowed at the airport.

Lynn French asked Mark Shook to draft a paragraph about usage, to be included for the notice of the annual meeting. Lynn French recommended that Greg ask the owner to write the Board a letter and that he agree to hold us harmless in case of an incident.

Sandra Martin suggested we notify violators of zoning infractions and enforce zoning law uniformly. Lee Wolford suggested that we notify the county to enforce building/ zoning laws.

Motion by Mark Shook that the President write a letter to county to enforce zoning laws.

Second Dave Elliott


Greg Johnson reported that a metes and bounds subdivision of numerous small tracts in two approved lots north of the existing cross wind runway` has been done and that this subdivision on the airport has not complied with state law. He feels the lots have been illegally created without approval by the County as mandated by state law. He noted that each violation carries a $1000.00 fine.


Presidentís report by Lynn French

Discussion of airport layout plans.

Feds will not fund a 8300 foot runway, but will do so in phases.

The largest runway will initially be 6750 X 75 feet as the FAA does not want displaced thresholds if possible.

CDOT indicated that the parallel runway would be to 3350 feet also to avoid a displaced threshold.

The crosswind stays the same and CDOT is advocating that this be paid for by the FAA so that the airport would have both the cross wind and the 3350 foot parallel runway constructed when the main runway is built. The FAA wants to delay construction on the large runway until the runway repairs have utilized their useful life which expected to be three years.

The County is agreeable that Aerostar be used as a second access to the airport. The proposed design would provide the primary access to the ease side of the airport be on Curtis. If traffic increases on Aerostar it would have to be increased from 60 feet to 80 feet and be paved.

Taxiway location on West side giving access to property on the west side of the airport was discussed.

CDOT has indicated that they donít recommend that either the parallel or cross wind runways be lighted due to their length.

Old Business:

1. MLA Filing 14 review and update by Dave Elliott

Traffic flow discussion occurred.

Detention ponds discussed.

2. Lynn French suggested that the Board table the Ricky Campbell situation until such a time that he could be present. Dave Elliott informed the board that Ricky Campbell had said verbally and in a letter that he would not attend. Discussion ensued on how to resolve the situation of Ricky Campbell not paying fuel storage fee.

Jack Dhooghe indicated that the by laws says gasoline, not aviation fuel.

A discussion occurred about changing the bylaws and rules and regulations.

Bylaws read by Lynn French.

Motion by Mark Shook to amend rule 91.1 from gasoline to aviation fuel with a Penalty of $25.00 a day, and associated court cost and attorney fees and other collection fees.

Second Dave Elliott

In Favor Mark Robinson, Mark Shook, Dave Elliot

Oppose Richard Martin, Jack Dhooghe. Abstain Lee Wolford. Passed.

Motion by Mark Shook to amend By Laws Article 5, Section 10 Authorized to change gasoline to aviation fuel.

Second by Dave Elliott


Abstained Richard Martin

3. Remodeling the airport building ĖTabled

New Business

1. Agreement for Runway Rehabilitation Design and construction by ADG

Basic services $6500.00

Bidding $4000.00

Salaries $5000.00

Fixed fee $750.00

Total $16,250.00

Mark Shook asked if it was reimbursable, and Lynn French responded it was.

Motion by Mark Shook to approve engineering agreement for runway rehabilitation design and construction by ADG

Second by Mark Robinson


2. Red Barn Proposal by Troy Bellah who proposed to turn red barn into a Bar /Grille.

The new owner stated he will clean up the property. Lee Wolford noted this would be a great improvement as it is now unsightly and the removal of the double wide will help clean up the site. Present owner objected to the disrespectful comments toward their home. Mr. Bellah indicated that his partner has a liquor license which would be transferred and stated that he thought that a timeline of three months for completion was his plan. Lynn French noted that the matter had to be submitted to the ACC for approval and that the discussion with the board was just a courtesy.

3. March 14th meeting canceled as there would not be enough board members present and an alternate date could not be agreed upon. The next meeting will be April 11, 2006.

Motion by Mark Robinson to adjourn.

Seconded by Mark Shook.


Adjourned at 20:35