Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

1 Cessna Drive, Meadow Lake Airport Peyton CO 80831-6051 •



Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday June 14, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 15:10 hours by Vice President Richard Martin. Officers in attendance were: Vice President Richard Martin, Secretary Mark Robinson, Treasurer Dave Elliot, and members Jack Dhooghe, Mark Shook, Lee Wolford.

Treasurer’s Report

A written report was distributed by Treasurer Dave Elliot, along with an oral presentation to the members at large.

Accountant charging between $1200.00 to $1900.00

Quickbooks application requested

Motion to Ratify by Mark Shook

Second by Lee Wolford


Secretary’s Report

A written copy of the minutes was distributed by former Secretary Mark Shook, who also presented an oral presentation. Copies of previous minutes were presented to new Secretary Mark Robinson.

Motion to Ratify by Lee Wolford

Second by Mark Shook



Motion to purchase Quickbooks by Mark Shook

Second by Lee Wolford


Equipment Report

An oral presentation given by Richard Martin.

Motion to allow Richard Martin to review maintenance equipment being auctioned by DIA and spend up to $20K to obtain snow removal and sweeping equipment by Mark Shook

Second by Lee Wolford


Richard Martin request $600.00 for replacement of an air compressor and jack, which were personal property being used for the upkeep of MLAA grounds equipment.

Motion to charge a $100.00 cleaning deposit for use of the MLAA restraint facility for meetings by Richard Martin

Second by


Old Business

Discussion of placing holding tanks in the ground with easement infringement.

Motion to authorize $30K for revised study of master plan by Richard Martin.

Second by Lee Wolford


New Business

Proposed workshop to be scheduled for runway realignment study.

Statement by Jack Keen: Mr. Keen does not want to loose property due to realignment of runway.

Statement by Verlin Schauer: The fire extinguishers need to be inspected and possibly recharged. It might be cheaper to replace as oppose to recharge.

Mr. Schauer volunteered to investigate matter by asking Ray Pedro.

Statement by Dave Elliot: Suggest donating an acre to the Sheriff’s Department.

Jim Sirhall of ADG volunteered to make contact with Sheriff’s Department.

Motion to authorize the widening of Cessna Drive by Mark Shook.

Second by Lee Wolford


Statement by Lee Wolford: Proposed closing south end of Cessna Drive. Read letter from Ricky

Motion to table the discussion about Cessna Drive until all parties could be present by Dave Elliot.

Second by Mark Shook.

In favor: Mark Shook, Dave Elliot Mark Robinson

Opposed: Lee Wolford, Jack Dhoogie

Motion to adjourn by Richard Martin.

Second by



Agenda for next meeting:

Review of Committees



Other per Lynn French

MLAA Water Right discussion per Ed Kwiatkowski

Video Surveillance per Gene Johnson

Adjourned at 17:01