Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

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Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 17:45 hours by Lynn French. Officers in attendance were:

Lynn French President,

Richard Martin Vice President,

Mark Robinson Secretary,

Dave Elliot Treasurer, Arrived late

Jack Dhooghe Director,

Mark Shook, Director

Lee Wolford

Equipment Report

Oral report by Richard Martin

Ten people semi-qualified as equipment operators. Concern about operators damaging runway.

Truck needs repair. Richard or Greg to check it out.

Motion by Mark Shook to give Richard $1500.00 for lights.

Second by Lee Wolford


(Dave Elliott not yet present)

Discussion on diesel tanks. Concern expressed about tanks not being close to equipment garage.

Motion by Lee Wolford to give Equipment Committee $5000.00 for airport expenses.

Second by Jack Dhooghe


(Dave Elliott not yet present)

Greeley has various runway lights for sale.

Briefing on airport lighting given by Greg Van Deputte with a recommendation not to mix different types of lighting.

Action Item: Ask ADG about power availability for additional lighting and compatibility by Richard Martin.

Discussion of restaurant building improvement.

Action Item: Determine from FAA if building can stay by Lynn French.

Action Item: Determine repairs needed for restaurant.


Planning Committee Report

Oral presentation given by Dave Bennett.

$45,000 estimate for applying asphalt to Crosswind runway.

Exploration of cost of maintaining new runways.

Architectural Control Committee Report

No action to report

President Report

Meeting with Mark Gephart about redoing County zoning.

Avigation easement should be established.

Power lines should be addressed.

Aeronautics board attended.

Design of Santa Fe Springs will require cross wind runway to be realigned at the expense of Santa Fe Springs.

Email from Jim Stewart requesting EAA fly-in.

Several members voiced a "no problem" opinion.

Old Business

Problem with cows again.

Inquiry about dead cow situation.

New Business:

Dumpster needed.

Neighbor request Coyote hunting…they are eating her dogs. No action taken.
Inquiry about cell tower. Objection to tower presented, no further news.

Neighbor requested horse grazing. No action taken.

We have a rabbit problem. Populating airport with Coyotes or Mountain Lions suggested.

Motion by Greg VanDeputte to purchase a couple of Mountain Lions

Seconded by Lynn French

Motion died.

Treasurer’s Report

Oral report by Dave Elliott

Motion by Dave Elliot to donate the remaining funds to Angel Flight.

Second by Mark Shook


Thank you note to be sent to contributors.

Adjourned at 18:40