MLAA Board Meeting

September 13, 2005


Meeting started at 17:45

In attendance was:

Lynn French President, Richard Martin Vice President, Mark Robinson Secretary, Dave Elliot Treasurer, Lee Wolford, Jack Dhooghe, and Mark Shook, Directors.

Minutes read by Secretary

Correction to Post spelling

Correction to Johnny V

Correction to Equipment being sent by Richard Martin

Treasurerís report

Oral report given by Dave Elliot

Equipment Report

Bid from Wayne Crawley for $600.00 per load

Motion by Jack Dhooghe that Wayne Crawley be contracted.

Second by Richard Martin

Motion amended to allow Richard Martin a $600 per trip budget.


Air Traffic

Oral presentation report by Lee Wolford

Planning Committee

Report not given

Presidentís Report

Oral report was given by Lynn French.

Report about Katrina relief actions

Oral report was given by Mark Shook.

Old Business

Objection filed about cell phone tower by Lynn French and Dave Elliot

General discussion about Cessna Drive situation

Assigned to planning committee for further study.

Easement review to be done by Lynn French

Discussion of ground water rights

Sandy Martin will email potential Water contractors to the board.

Discussion of Mountain View Electric easement distance of 20 from buildings.

Treasurer to write a letter to MVE to contact each private owner for work.

Executive Meeting held.

Discussion about the present quality and cost of legal representation

Lynn French representing MLAA

Lee Wolford request tabling


Agenda Item: Hiring new attorney

Deal between MLAA and Gene Johnston for land trade has been canceled.

Who will support present airport runway plans:

Lee Wolford: No

Richard Martin: No

Jack Dhooghe: No

Dave Elliot: Yes

Mark Robinson: Yes

Mark Shook: Yes

Lynn French: Yes

Motion by Mark Shook for Planning Committee will be:

Rudy Welsh

Ed Kwiatkowski

Bill Wuertz

Dan Fischer

Dave Bennett

Karen Rulo

Verlin Schauer

Second by Mark Robinson

In favor: Mark Shook Dave Elliot Mark Robinson Lynn French

Oppose:Jack Dhooghe, Richard Martin, Lee Wolford

Executive Committee:

Dave Elliot

Lynn French

Mark Robinson

Mark Shook

Discussion about the cow population at the South end of Airport:

Motion by Lee Wolford for Secretary Mark Robinson to establish an MLAA owned Web Site

Second by Jack Dhooghe

In Favor: Mark Robinson, Dave Elliot, Jack Dhooghe, Lee Wolford

Abstained: Mark Shook

Motion to adjourn by Lee Wolford

Second by Dave Elliot