MLAA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes August 11, 2009



Members Present: Dave Elliott, Ron Lee, Wyman Varnedoe,

Jamie Johnston, Jeff More, Richard Martin, Mark Shook

(Attorney Brad Miller in attendance)

Members Absent: John Scott

Call to Order: 3:03 p.m. by Dave Elliott

Opening Remarks:

Dave Elliott challenge board members to think of better ways to coordinate things together as a board. We want to preclude unintended consequences. We’re fast facing decisions that have far reaching impacts. For instance, does MLAA wish to:

    1. Remain a little airport
    2. Put in the New Runway
    3. Fully implement the proposed Business Plan

Ron Lee and Richard Martin again stated that the membership needs to hear directly from the FAA.

Approval of Minutes:

MOTION: Mark Shook

SECOND: Wyman Vernadoe

VOTE: Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report:

Jeff stated the propane gas account is down to $130. We need to lock into the winter contract for price guarantee. That will be approximately $1,100. A grant check just came in. We sent out a check immediately to pay interest. The board discussed the process to approve miscellaneous expenses. What is the treasurer’s level of authority? Richard said he used to have a credit card so he wouldn’t have to write small checks for gas and maintenance. Jeff felt we may need to improve the process to prove accountability. If Paul Sprenger could provide copies of receipt to us, that would help. Mark Shook felt the limit was typically $1,000 or less and deemed a "petty cash" account. Jamie suggested the Board should typically be able to "forecast" miscellaneous expenses for the next month’s budget. Emergency expenditures exceeding $1,000 could be coordinated by email.




Mark suggested that we appoint an airport manager to help provide a point of contact for these emergency issues when they arise. In reality the "Board" is only in session 3 hours a month. When we are not in session we should consider designating someone as the official "manager" to help coordinate day to day activities. Mark suggested that the president be deemed the "airport manager" when the board is not in session. Jeff Moore suggested we shelf this idea to next month so everyone has an opportunity to consider the implications.

Wyman made a motion that board members be able to make expenditures of up to $1,000 without having to reconvene the board for approval.

MOTION: Wyman Vernadoe

SECOND: Jeff Moore

VOTE YES: Richard Martin, Ron Lee, Jamie Johnston

VOTE NO: Mark Shook

Inter-Agency Coordination:

The quality of the Business Plan was discussed. The board voiced concern and disappointment over the delivered product.

Through the Fence Agreement:

The Board discussed redlines to the MLAA Compliance with FAA Grant Assurances letter, discussed at the last workshop. This addresses concerns voiced by the FAA Airport District Office and CDoT/Aero and our compliance with Airport Assurances.

Gary Schiemer’s boxing business was brought up, but again enforcement discussed. We need a general policy that applies to everyone, so we’re not singling out any one business. The through the fence policy may address this.

Discussed issues involved with trying to validate the number of aircraft tail numbers here at the airport. The Board decided to write a memo on the web page that discusses the importance of this issue. Property owners need to understand the financial implication of compliance.

Mark stated that rules need to be created for usage of airport property. Ron offered to write a draft of the rule and send it to Mark. Mark encouraged all board members to help draft this rule. Greg Johnson suggested we read our insurance policy to see what liabilities they cover and create a rule that corresponds to insurance coverage.

Mention was made of sail plane winch launch activities, and the board noted that many trips are made during the day across the active runway—to get parts, to get their lunch, to go to the bathroom…..This needs to be corrected.

Suggested that the Safety Director (Wayman Vernadoe) or the President (Dave Elliott) help enforce runway safety.

Richard Martin suggested we contact John Scott to help work the issue. John was traveling and not able to attend this meeting.

The attorney, Brad, suggested we appoint an airport manager to help solve some of these day to day issues. Again Mark Shook brought a motion to the Board, but it was decided to wait until the next meeting before a decision was made.

Mark suggested no wench operations at Meadow Lake Airport until we get the safety issues solved.

Airfield Mgt.

Ron Lee made a motion that we accept the bid of $1,782.77 to replace the door.


SECOND: Richard Martin

VOTE: Unanimous

Ron stated ACME Regulator coming tomorrow to fix the taxiway lights.

He noted that Taxiway D has asphalt debris put on the south side. Not a good way to take care of removing asphalt debris. Dave Elliott offered to clean it up on Wednesday morning.

Richard Martin noted that the South end is secured up to the easement. He suggested putting up a gate with a chain and no lock across the easement. MVEA is the only one who uses that easement once every three months. It appears to be an effective at slowing traffic from the Pfost property entering the airport.

Mark stressed we need to keep in mind community relations when approaching people to enforce no trespassing rules.


Wayman Vernadoe discussed a Cessna retractable that was 300 feet off the runway. Ron had suggested to him that we make a rule about these types of incidents. Wayman stated we can’t legislate airmanship. The Board can address safety issues like the glider winches, but we can’t legislate pilot error.


Statement of No Objection, 7460 received from FAA. This will go in official records.


The issue with the FCC licensing is being handled by ADG. Everything else is on schedule.

Fire Fighting/Water Storage:

Dave Elliott still trying to get water to fill the tank.


Richard stated that Sandy wanted to attend, and she asked him to convey that EAA wants to participate in the Board meetings.


GPS Approach:

Dave went into a meeting last week where Colorado Springs Airport was discussing the negative impact of MLAA having a GPS approach because we are below radar coverage. They would have to sanitize the airspace. The FAA is putting our GPS approach request on temporary hold. We would have to change lighting to different globes on the last 2,000 feet. The ADO said since 1990 this runway would not be certified. It would create high minimums. We would be responsible for additional striping and repainting lines according to the advisory circular. The cost benefit approach to this alternative may be unfeasible. Dave asked the Board if we want to go forward with this improvement? The general consensus was it is not worth it at this time. It may be a worthwhile exercise to do it for the new runway along with a ground link.

It wasn’t done previously because there was no discernable benefit to local traffic. Pueblo would bring students here to practice on instrument approach if we opened to a GPS approach. Again, do we want to pay the extra costs, and have the extra traffic?

When asked how this issue got started Ron Lee stated the board approved looking into the instrument approach several months ago.

The FAA from the northwest region has an application and a form prepared signed by Director Ron Lee.

Dave noted that many airports call their manager "Director".

As he stated in the beginning of the meeting we may want to coordinate these types of issues a little better in the future. Sometimes the best intentions can lead to unintended consequences.

Adjourn: 5:45 p.m.