MLAA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes January 13, 2009

Members Present: Dave Elliott, Joe Kuberka, Mark Shook, Verlin Schauer, Ron Lee,

Richard Martin, Jamie Johnston, John Scott

Absent: Robert Brightwell.


1. Call to Order: 3:05 p.m.

2. Opening remarks by Dave Elliott

Balance sheet is balanced. We are still waiting for Budget revenues to list from the State. We spent $20,000 more than we took in, in 2008.

We discussed heavy trucks destroying Cessna Drive. Options to remedy the situation included issuing permits, but this was eventually side tabled until the board arrives at an equitable way to grant permission.

3. ACC Report

Nothing to report.

4. By Laws

Proposed By Law revisions to be worked with Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Lee Lesher and Mike Easley. Specifically we need to resolve the language of who may serve on the Board of Directors. Is it only people with names on the deed, or may it change to a person who has interest in the property? Can a corporation select an individual to represent their interests or must the individuals name be on the deed?

5. Treasurers report

The last shipment of blue globes included a fuel fee for UPS charges. There was a $3 fee to pick up the package plus an additional $7 truck fee. Verlin challenged this charge and received full credit for the shipment.

We also received a check of $19,788.33 as a fuel rebate from the State. This is to be applied to the interest payment.

‘6. Project Summaries.

Buying land equals a four page project. Reimbursed costs need to be assigned to specific grants. We want to lump land purchase expenses into one project. Page 4, shows we wrote checks for $9M, but will only be reimbursed $8M from CDOT. This leaves the 1st big door open. The second door to get reimbursed for projects would be the lighting rehab, and a possible third door would be the fire/water storage.

‘7. Strategic Business Plan.

We have received our third invoice from ADG. In it they state that the written draft is just about done. Someone from ADG will be here shortly to present the draft. The board expressed concerns that there have been no monthly reports to state progress, although ADG had agreed they would do this. Verlin pointed out that we have not paid the bill yet. Others suggested this should be a topic we bring before CDOT. This is a State request to get the Business Plan, and they were the ones that suggested MLAA needed it.

‘8. Facilities Report

The airport lights are 100% operational.

We need to provide a heads up to pilots about the upcoming foreclosure to repair the runway. Ron requested that we put up a sign on Cessna, alone with an email notification to those who have signed up on the web site. We can also place a NOTAM the day before.

Ron Lee made a motion and Mark Shook seconded, with all approving that the runway be closed when the workmen were working to repair the runway, after the temperatures reached a minimum of 40 degrees. The runway would be closed temporarily while they were working.

Joe Kuberka stated we may want to call the Academy base of operations to notify them as well. Joe will forward an email to Mark to reach the Academy. Jamie will help Ron get a sign.

Ron stated we need a street sweeper. The board voted to raise the limit for purchase to $15,000. Mark Shook made the motion and Ron Lee seconded it, with all the board members approving the raised limit. The target price will be $7,000 - $8,000 for a street sweeper to clean taxiways and runways at the airport, but we need to make sure the equipment is in good shape. Verlin stated there is a fairly new one for sale at Black Forest. He would get more information on it that evening on his way home.

Ron asked where we are on the AWOS purchase. Dave Elliot stated that this is a separate stand alone money project that must be partially funded by the FAA. While MLAA money is here for that purchase we are still waiting for the balance of funding to come from the State.

If there is any slush money left over for this year we might want to use it for paving upgrades. If we ran into problems using this money all at once we can hold the slush money to purchase the AWOS.

A sweeper is on our CIP list.

Ron Lee made a motion to repair item 4.f. to purchase Percol Geoflo asphalt pourable slumy to use it as a test on the airport. Mark Shook seconded the motion and all approved.

To maintain the airport property Ron made a motion and Mark seconded it to repair fills as outlined in the facility report, items 4 a, b, c, d, e and f.

‘9. Vehicle Equipment:

The new batteries made a huge difference. We will need a new broom at a cost of $20,000 by next year. Richard will get information on the cost and replacement information to submit on the CIP.

Other than that the equipment is working well. We are ready for the next snow storm. We got a battery maintainer to have it ready whenever it needs to be used.

Beacon Replacement: It is up and running and works great. The bill was $5,820 and that included 4 bulbs and the beacon. It was forecast as a $10,000 program, but we spent only $7,000. Verlin asked to wait to total the project until we submit the bill for the meter cutout.

’10. Safety:

Nothing to report.

Wray Pedro went to Texas for the winter. Dave will include a note in his dues assessment about the tenant/safety issue. Verlin will give Dave, Wray’s phone number to call and discuss danger issues with the tenant.

’11. Enumeration:

This project will start when the tax bills go out.

’12. Rule 91-1 revised:

1st reading and vote was taken in November. All voted yes in November.

2nd reading now.

If you are re-selling fuel MLAA needs the 6 cents surcharge.

If you are just using the gas personally we can still get the 6 cents back from the state to the airport, but the airport needs to report it.

Mark Shook moved we approve 91-1 as discussed.

Ron Lee seconded it.

All approved.

Dave will send out the new regulation with the tax bills.


Katherine Harris is the last house on Curtis Road. She has horses and would like to lease the two, five acre lots next to her to graze horses. She has offered to cover the cost to build a fence.

Issues discussed::

Does going through with this deal would jeopardize our not for profit tax exempt status?

Money received would have to support MLAA property.

Safety must be the first issue.

Perhaps she could pay her check to the state to help cover our tax.

Dave offered to talk to Brad Miller about it, create a lease and work the issue.

’14. Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Next meeting Tuesday, February 10th, 3:00 p.m. at the Restaurant Hangar.

Respectfully Submitted

Mark S. Shook

Secretary/ MLAA

Compiled by Jamie Johnston/ Asst. Secretary.