MLAA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes September 8, 2009


Members Present: Dave Elliott, Ron Lee, Wyman Varnedoe, John Scott

Jamie Johnston, Jeff More, Richard Martin, Mark Shook

(Attorney Brad Miller, ADG President Jim Sirhall in attendance)

Members Absent:

Call to Order: 3:03 p.m. by Dave Elliott

Opening Remarks:

Dave Elliott challenge board members to think of better ways to coordinate things together as a board. We want to preclude unintended consequences. Weíre fast facing decisions that have far reaching impacts. For instance, does MLAA wish to:

    1. Remain a little airport
    2. Put in the New Runway
    3. Fully implement the proposed Business Plan

Ron Lee and Richard Martin again stated that the membership needs to hear directly from the FAA.

Approval of Minutes:

MOTION: Mark Shook

SECOND: Dave Elliott

VOTE: Unanimous

Conflict of Interest:

Ron Lee refuses to sign the conflict of interest. He feels there are a lot of conflicts of interest in the airport, and believes itís a showpiece. He requested that we show the policy. The IRS has it as a requirement. Ron Lee agreed to sign.

Treasurerís Report:

$1,600 paid to put up a fence. Also painted red barn tan. It was $100 more than estimated. $1,050 to Glaser Gas for prepayment for year. Diesel shipment was purchased. Water storage completion was $1650.

$2,735 amount still delinquent in dues between 6 people.






Ray Smith, addressed the board. He is building a hangar on Markel aviation site. Door is back ordered to Oct. 12. After that he plans to pour a 40 Ďconcrete apron. He would like to repave the taxiway from middle of property to main taxiway. A minimum of 300í is projected to be put in, plus 50 foot radius. A couple years ago the association helped to fund the Echo taxiway. Would the board consider helping to fund some of these costs? The taxiway thatís there will be the base. The owners along this route would like to level out taxiway. Gene Kear will contribute for his side. Dewy said he would let his grandkids help us. Dave Elliott offered names and phone numbers. Mr. Smith could use the number of guy next to me. Dave said heíll see him tomorrow. Mark requested he bring in an estimate. Ray Smith thinks he can have an estimate by October.

Board agrees to pay up to 50% of Foxtrot repaving subject to cost estimate that should be provided next month.

MOTION: Ron Lee.


VOTE: (Not brought to a vote)

Compliance Letter:

The Board discussed redlines to the MLAA Compliance with FAA Grant Assurances letter, discussed at the last workshop. This addresses concerns voiced by the FAA Airport District Office and CDoT/Aero and our compliance with Airport Assurances.

Dave plans to email a draft to Travis for comments. After meeting in October we send it along with the whole notebook to Denver ADO and CDoT Division of Aeronautics.

Strategic Business Plan:

Requested changes included correct spelling for Peyton, and adding more meat to the product.


Are we going to manage the airport? The FAA is concerned about Object Free Areas. This area was explained by Greg Johnson. If we knowingly ignore these items what is our liability? Underground structures are okay. People, vehicles, even wind socks are considered obstruction. It appears there are cars parked in the object free area on the south end of the airport, some real estate signs, and Cherokee tied down at Classic Fuel area. Gene Kearís building is built 6 feet into the Object Free Area. The Super Unicom is also in this area. Since it doesnít work, and is considered junk, Ron Lee suggested we tear it down and move it. Jim Sirhall suggested that we write a letter to Linda Bruce that itís out of commission and we plan to remove it. Dave Elliott suggested we draft a policy to help educate people to request compliance.

Greg Johnson passed out the Informational Report for the enumeration plan.

Greg and Mark plan to work together to draft an update and clean up the current rules and regulations and bring them to the board for review at the next meeting.




Airfield Management:

Discussed Daveís draft of airport management proposal.

Does appointing a manager cover us from a liability issues with our insurance?

MOTION: Airport Management Rule & Regulation # 09-01

MOTION: Mark Shook

Second: Jeff Moore

Vote: (Not brought to a vote)

MOTION: We announce to the general membership to apply for the position for manager for MLAA. The board will review and select a manager for the airport. At least 5 days a week 8 hours a day.

MOTION: Wyland Varnedoe

Second: Richard Martin

Vote: (Not brought to a vote)

Board decided to table this temporarily while we research options and ask membership for suggestions.


Jim Sirhall provided a status update. We are waiting for the PO back from Visula. Once it comes, need to get approval for contract with Visula. The grant is approved, the contract is not approved.

Dave: We will have a special meeting to get it approved when the contract arrives.

Do we have a window of opportunity when it arrives to change from 00V to letters, like MLAA? Sirhall said, yes, about a couple weeks. Discussed a name change for Meadow Lake Airport again. An opinion showed keeping it MLAA.

We are going to run out of money before we buy 7.5 regulator (appro. $7,000) and equipment for about $7,000 totaling $14,000. We can get funded for this project by increasing the grant amount, or take it out of next years fund.

Ron Lee discussed the quotes he received for regulators.

The last issue was the Johnston property. Should we spend entitlements by buying land, which would put off the runway that many years----or perhaps FAA may give discretionary dollars to buy Johnston land and still build the runway in 2014.

MOTION: I move for ADG to hire an appraiser to appraise the Johnston property.

MOTION: Mark Shook

SECOND: Wayman Varnedoe

VOTE: (Jamie abstained from voting)

Yes: Mark, Wayman, Ron, Richard, Dave, Jeff




Painting issues discussed to see if we can get quotes to move forward before winter. Ron plans to get quotes to re-paint runway, hold/short lines, taxiways.

MOTION: We should remove tires and replace them with the white reflectors that were given to airport.

MOTION: Jeff Moore

SECOND: Mark Shook

VOTE: unanimous

They need to go 10 feet off the edge of the asphalt.

Neighborhood letter:

Dave Elliott passed out a letter to be sent to all the residents of Meadow Lake Estates and Falcon Heights residents. Dave asked the secretary to mail them off.


Ron Lee discussed requesting Division of Prisons for taxiway signs. It was decided he would look at the signs he ordered previously and are being stored at EW Systems.

Roads & Grounds:

The board discussed getting help to work these issues, but we canít pay people without MLAA having workmenís comp.

Storage Shed:

Ron Lee said the door would arrive Thursday.

Discussed door quotes and quality of door we are to receive.

Fire Extinguishers:

Two on alpha 7 and alpha 6. When Rawley had his accident we used three of them. Ron would like to move extinguishers from buildings to runway entranceway areas: Mark suggested we buy more and put them on the intersections. ACME sells them for approx. $150 ea. if we buy them in groups of 10.

MOTION: Move fire extinguishers from buildings to taxiways:


SECOND: Richard Martin

VOTE: Unanimous




Ron stated that concrete debris was put in the ditch south of the crosswind culvert, using it as a dumping ground. George Cold is doing it. Mark pointed out thatís an erosion area. The proper solution would cost more than we want to pay.

MOTION: Take old tires, Greg Johnson will paint, and Mark and Greg will put them around the easement of the north end road around the runway. The tires we donít use Ron Lee has authority to dispose over at the tire shop.

MOTION: Mark Shook

SECOND: Richard Martin

VOTE: Yes: Jeff, Wayman, Mark, Richard, Dave, Jamie

No: Ron Lee


Spend at least $1,000 to fill up the water tanks where ever we can.

MOTION: Richard Martin


VOTE: Unanimous



MOTION: Richard Martin

SECOND: Wyman Varnedoe

VOTE: Unanimous