MLAA Board of Directors


Meeting Minutes September 1, 2009



Members Present: Dave Elliott, Ron Lee, Wyman Varnedoe,

Jamie Johnston, Jeff More, Richard Martin, Mark Shook

(MLAA Attorney, Brad Miller, in attendance)

Members Absent: John Scott

Call to Order: 3:03 p.m. by Dave Elliott (Met downstairs in "cave" because cooler.)

Opening Remarks:

Dave Elliott said weíd like to go over the compliance letter, and then if time remaining discuss airport manager. Will provide the compliance information in a book with by-laws, property owner list, plat notes from all filings, charts for MLA Filing 1, and 1, 5 and 6, and everything recorded on properties, i.e. taxiway easement.

First Issue:

Through the Fence. 1989 reliever status granted. 100% of owners come through the fence to access the airport. The reason the airport is growing is the private property ownership. We can encourage compliance, but canít mandate it.

Reviewed items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Ron Lee discussed if we still have any ability to enforce violators.

Continued with items 6, 7 8,

Dave suggested an Oct. meeting with the FAA and State to go through all this. We need to discuss the finances required ($250,000) as our match to re-do the runway. If you donít re-do the runway, what else could we do with our yearly $150,000 allotment we get from FAA.

Jamie discussed various recent comments that showed unease with potential FAA inventory of private property in the Through the Fence area. The proís and conís of supplying "Ní numbers of aircraft was also discussed. Wayland suggested the membership be given an opportunity to present issues and questions directly to the FAA and CDoT at the October meeting.

Approval of Through the Fence Agreement:

MOTION: Mark Shook





Richard uncomfortable with rate increase. He would prefer we keep it to $75.

Ron is uncomfortable because no wording protects current access points. FAA or CDoT could come in and fence off someoneís taxiway. Much discussion took place regarding access wording. Final agreement is to add the following sentence to Paragraph III Access and Use Fee.

"Future security fencing will not infringe upon current taxiway aeronautical

easements to include taxiways c, d, e, f, g (crosswind) and the west side taxiway."

Dave will re-write some of the wording and send it out to us tonight.

Ron also suggested adding "aeronautical use." We are trying to limit the amount of commercial truck use of Cessna Drive.

Adjourn: 5:45 p.m.