TUESDAY 07.05.2005

The meeting was called to order at 19:06 hours by Lynn French, President

All members of the Board were present.

The meeting considered the five alternatives prepared by ADG for the runways at the airport. The Board decided to narrow the alternatives to Alternative Plans V & a new VI with at least a 2000 foot runway west of the main runway for consideration by the membership. It was decided that the members would have the regular July and August meetings to give input and that a final vote will be made by the board at the August 9, 2005 meeting.

Several board members expressed concerns in regard to the cross wind runway and the proposed parallel runways.

Wolford was concerned about concurrent use of the cross wind runway and the main runway and/or a parallel runway.

Jack Dhooghe expressed concern with traffic patterns.

Richard Martin expressed a strong desire to have a 2000 foot runway on the west side for Sport Aviation use.

After a lengthy discussion, the Board unanimously approved the location of the main runway as shown in alternative V.

Richard Martin gave a brief update on equipment acquisition progress.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:02.