MLAA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes February 10, 2009



Members Present: Dave Elliot, Joe Kuberka, Verlin Schauer, Mark Shook,

Ron Lee, Richard Martin, John Scott, Jamie Johnston

Call to Order: 3:05 p.m. by Dave Elliott

Opening Remarks: by Dave Elliott

Reviewed minutes from 1/13/09.

Motion to approve minutes: Verlin Schauer

Second: Ron Lee

Vote: All in favor: Approved.

Treasurers Report:

Reviewed report. Requested board members stop by Farmers State Bank to sign bank cards.

Past Due Accounts:

Motion: Jamie made a motion to waive dues for Christian Cox, David Neighbor and Andrew Saunders for 2007 because they did not have clear title to their property at that time.

Second: Mark Shook

Vote: Five approved, and 2 opposed. The two opposing votes were Richard Martin and Verlin Schauer.

Mike Smith did not pay 2006, 2007 dues and sold his property in 2008. The new owner, Terry Breeze says he’ll pay for one year of dues. It was suggested that the past due accounts of Mike Smith for 2006 and 2007 be put on a credit report.

Comanche Enterprise did not pay dues for 2006 and 2007. This is owned by Keith Strickland. The total is $660.00. It was decided to put these charges on his credit report.

The Day kids owe $2,269.00 in back dues. They had been notified three times of this issue. It was recommended that a lien be placed on their property.

Wray Pedro’s tenant still has safety issues/violations with their property. Dave Elliot was going to try to contact him.

The proposed budget was reviewed and costs were adjusted as appropriate.

Also reviewed was the Project Funding Worksheet. This shows our wish list for the airport and the second sheet shows what is actually in the CIP including what is in progress for funding.

In order to generate revenue the board discussed the need for a 24/7 fuel facility at the airport. It was determined that the operation is too expensive for an individual to set up, but it made financial sense to let the government help them make the purchase so that in the long term it would become a revenue generator for the airport. Estimates to render a turn key operation included a $118,500 - $143,000 estimate from Eaton. The variance in price was based on estimates with and without paving. There was discussion about orienting the tank north or south of the Restaurant Hangar.

Motion: Mark Shook made a motion to add an airport owned fuel facility to the current CIP request.

Second: Richard Martin.

More discussion. It was suggested that the fuel should be a priority over the run-up area. Perhaps we should request that CDOT allow us to reallocate the CIP run up facility to get an airport owned fuel facility in lieu of the run up facility.

Motion withdrawn: Mark Shook withdrew his motion and made a new one.

Motion: The board should add this issue to the next monthly meeting and direct Dave Elliot to have discussions with ADG and the State to create a formal proposal.

Second: Richard Martin:

Vote: All approved, (Jamie abstained from voting.)

Maintenance Review:

Ron Lee recommended that slurry seal be added to the CIP for taxiway Golf (a.k.a. Cross Wind) by the end of summer. He states the crosswind is in the worst shape.

Annual Dues Assessment:

Dave Elliot proposed that we collect the maximum amount of dues allowed by the by-laws which is 25%. Those who agreed were Ron Lee, Verlin Schauer and Richard Martin.

Those who opposed the maximum 25% assessment were Joe Kuberka, Mark Shook and Jamie Johnston.

As president, Dave Elliot cast the tie-breaking vote and voted in favor of the 25% maximum dues assessment.

ACC Report:

George Cold is clearing the lot for Jack Hawkins and Hank. Shane Showalter plans to put up their hangar. Nothing has been brought to the ACC for attention at this time.


Facility Report:

There is concern about a member who has had three accidents here at the airport. The board discussed if they had any authority to deny him access. Dave Elliot took the action item discuss this with Bob Kirkwood, a GA inspector in Black Forest, to solicit his opinion.

Avery performance discussed. The board reviewed the patch work done on the runway and discussed the use of wands vs. pots. The pots use more tonnage and in the end the board determined the use of wands were preferred.

Motion: Richard Martin made a motion to ask Avery to use wands. By using pots they are wasting too much material.

Second: Verlin Schauer


It was determined that Dave would call Avery and discuss the situation, since he is the one who signed the agreement with them.

Potential New Legislation:

Homeland Security is contemplating adding additional regulations to airports. Some of their assumptions for a reliever airport may not be understood. They have requested input by February 27. Dave will send something to them by email.

Joe Kuberka requested that we contact our insurance to see what are the cost implications if we go from a VFR to a IFR airport. Dave Elliot took the action item to contact the insurance company.

Motion: 5:05 p.m. Verlin Schauer made a motion to adjourn.

Second: Richard Martin

Next meeting to be held Tuesday, March 3rd at the MLAA Hangar building.

Compiled by Jamie Johnston/Asst. Secretary



Mark S. Shook, Secretary/ MLAA