Meadow Lake Airport


September 28, 2007


 Meeting brought to order: @ 9:05AM

 Members in attendance:

o Jack Dhooghe

o Lee Wolford

o Dave Elliott

o Mike Easley - Absent

o Donn Ravers

o Richard Martin

o Verlin Schauer - Absent

 Special Meeting:

o Jack Dhooghe called special board meeting to review cover letter and discuss the cover letter to be sent to membership on Echo / Foxtrot project.

o A decision was also made to limit the scope of project to Echo only until a comprehensive airport improvement plan was adopted. Echo Project will be started when 50% of the project funds are collected by the MLAA Treasurer.

 Motion was made by Richard Martin to sent out (3) letters for the Echo project.

1. Letter of voluntary donation to all the members contacted contacted by Dave Elliott with access to Echo using Dave Elliott’s recommended amount.

2. Letter of authorization to the property owners on Echo to allow the work to be done.

3. Letter to all MLAA members giving an overview of project and details of the process to make a member voluntary donation if so desired.

Motion carried 5 -0

 Motion to adjourn: @ 10:39PM


Donn Ravers

MLAA Secretary

*This is a summary of the MLAA BOD meeting. Minutes must be reviewed and approved at the next board meeting



Meadow Lake Airport Association Board Meeting

Place: MLAA General Building

Location: 13550 Piper Lane – Peyton, CO 80831

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time: 3:00PM

Meeting Minutes: Donn Ravers

o Read and approve September 11, 2007 minutes

Treasurers Report: Lee Wolford

Equipment Report: Richard Martin

ACC Report: Richard Martin

Presidents Report: Jack Dhooghe

o Legal counsel has completed the docs for Article of Incorporation

o CDOT meeting report

o Set date and alternative date for CDOT, FAA and membership meeting

Committee Reports:

o Jean Jenkins – MLA Development Committee

o Mike Easley – MLAA By-Law Committee

o Dave Elliott – Echo / Foxtrot Taxiway Improvement Project

Old Business:

o Lee Wolford – Progress on signage for RW33 run-up area

o Lee Wolford - Parking slab for transient parking.

o Lee Wolford - Legal fee payments in question

o Lee Wolford – Status of 2006 tax return

o Lee Wolford – Update on forfeiture of tax exempt status

o Lee Wolford – Update on CDOT fuel tax rebate

o Lee Wolford – Update on status of membership in good standing

o Jack Dhooghe – Water attorney contact for water district question with 4-Way Ranch

o Jack Dhooghe – Report on status of new recommended Articles of Incorporation

New Business:

o Replacement for Donn Ravers

o AWOS system vs current Super Unicom

o Comprehensive MLA taxiway improvement plan

o Dave Elliott - Peyton Post Office / Enumeration

o Ron Lee - Speeding on Cessna Drive / Aircraft – Vehicle Conflicts / Diesel Shop

o Repair of MLAA bulletin board

o Repair of rotating beacon

o Cessna Drive painting

o Fire fighting water storage