Minutes of the MLAA Board Meeting

April 10, 2003


Meeting called to order: 3:07 p.m.

Board members present: Jack Dhooghe President, Dave Elliot Treasurer, Michael Branson acting secretary, Gene Kear, Richard Martin maintenance committee chairperson.

Board Members absent: Secretary Mark Shook, Verlin Shauer

Approval of minutes of the March meeting all present vote aye

Treasurerís report:

As of this date Dave Elliot reported 50% of dues had been collected. Mike Branson made a motion to approve the report it was seconded by Richard Martin all voted aye.

Old Business:

A discussion was held to talk about the purchase of a runway sweeper-military surplus, cost : $4,000.00 The sweeper is in excellent condition it would be used for the main taxiway and runway it is a used unit in good quality, it does need new brushes, the brand name is MB

Gene Kear made a motion to purchase said sweeper motion seconded by Dave Elliot all voted aye.

Airport equipment report by Richard Martin:

Blade bottom is worn off across the bottom . Bottom bolts are ground away, blade needs major repair a new straight edge across the bottom. It was agreed that the blade should be fixed.

163 acres southeast of airport:

A bid to purchase the land from Steve Shuttleworth was made. It was rejected. The Board is currently awaiting a new appraisal of the land. A motion was made by Michael Branson to authorize Dave Elliot to enter negotiation with Steve Shuttleworth for the purpose of acquiring the land. The motion was seconded by Gene Kear. Motion was carried all voted aye.

New Business:

A proposal was made by the local chapter of the EAA:

They propose that the MLAA donate the hangar restaurant hangar to them. They will move the hangar to other property. They will agree to allow the MLAA to hold meetings & use it forever. Equipment storage will be for an undefined limited period. Meetings for MLAA could happen there for all time to come.

No motion was made the proposal is being considered.

Dave Elliot proposed that the MLAA take over and perform all future maintenance on airport east west taxi-ways. The question was put forth does the membership want the MLAA board to perform such maintenance? It was explained that the Board would prioritize and perform maintenance each year to a different taxi-way. Each landowner would have to agree to deeding their easement to the MLAA. It was decided to put this to the membership for a vote at the annual meeting.

Mike Branson made a motion to adjourn at 5:02pm

Motion seconded by Dave Elliot




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Mike Branson / Acting Secretary