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Board of Directors

Tuesday January 27, 2003

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:05pm. Present were Members, Mike Branson, Dave Elliott, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook.

Copies of the Minutes of the December meeting were passed out to each Board member. Verlin Schauer made a motion that the Minutes be approved as presented. 2nd Mike Branson. Approved 7-0

Treasurers Report/Dave Elliott. Dave presented a written Report, which was shared and discussed with the board. By unanimous consent, the treasurers report was tabled until later in the meeting due to the annual budget issue.

Vehicles/Richard Martin. Richard reported that a new Master type power switch has been added to the large plow truck to prevent a reoccurring dead battery problem.



Steve Johnson spoke to the board about Septic Holding Tanks, and the issues with the County Planning, and County Health Departments. This item was tabled until the February meeting. Steve will present the board with a draft of a letter of no objection for County Planning.


Jeff Ryan reported that: The NOAA is holding a seminar on Charting here at the MLA Association Building on Wed Feb 5th at 7pm. There is a high altitude weather balloon scheduled to be launched from MLA on the morning of Sat March 15th. The board was asked to approve the installation of a weather station in the Association building. That motion was formally made by Mike Branson,2nd by Gene Kear. Approved 7-0.

The issue of planning and funding of the repair and maintenance of roadways and taxiways not eligible for Federal Funding was discussed .

RULE 03-01

Definition of Terms:

Funding Category One, shall be those projects that are eligible for Federal Funding. Category Two shall be those projects that meet the requirements of Regulation 02-03. Category Three shall be all other projects.

A Category Two Capital Improvements Fund shall be established. Effective January 1, 2003. All monies collected from taxes and fees on the sale of Aviation fuel at Meadow Lake Airport shall be transferred to the Category Two Capital Improvements Fund, which fund shall be used for Category Two projects, and for no other purpose.

Funds from other sources may be allocated for Category two improvements upon the affirmative majority vote of the board of directors.

Mark Shook made a motion to approve and adopt RULE 03-01. 2nd by Dave Elliott. Approved 7-0.

Dave Elliott presented a comprehensive expanded Treasurers report and 2003

budget worksheet. The issue of back dues and the lack of response from KEEN

and HARRIS was discussed. Dave Elliott made a motion to proceed with legal

action, 2nd by Mike Branson. Approved 7-0.

The 2003 Budget was discussed at length. The current budget has a shortfall

primarily due to the non payment of 2002 DUES . (Timely payment of 2003 Dues

from the delinquent members is also in question. ) Many options were

discussed. Mark Shook stated the current dues should not be increased.

Verlin Schauer made a motion we increase Dues to the 25% maximum,

2nd by Mike Branson. Approved 6-1.

Mike Branson moved we authorize President Jack Dhooghe to get Appraisals on

the Runway and the 163 Acres south of the Crosswind that we propose to

purchase. 2nd by Verlin Schauer. Approved 7-0.




Respectfully submitted,


_DRAFT -- COPY________________________

Mark Shook/Secretary

Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.



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