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Board of Directors

Thursday March 13, 2003

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:15pm. Present were Members, Mike Branson, Dave Elliott, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook. Absent : None.

Copies of the Minutes of the February meeting were passed out to each Board member.

Mike Branson made a motion that the Minutes be approved as presented. 2nd Dave Elliott. Approved 7-0.

Treasurers Report/Dave Elliott. Dave presented a written Report, which was shared and discussed with the board. Dave reported that we have collected more than $19,000.00 of the aprox. $30,000.00 in Annual Dues billed for 2003. Mark Shook moved the treasurers report be approved as presented. 2nd by Gene Kear. Approved 7-0.

Vehicles/Richard Martin. Richard reported that both trucks need service. He will contact a mechanic. A sweeper has been located costing $4,000.00. Dave Elliott will ask C/DOT Division of Aeronautics for assistance. Verlin Schauer made a motion to approve the purchase after an acceptable visual inspection. 2nd by Mike Branson. Approved 7-0.



Jack Dhooghe gave the Board members an update on the status of our pending purchase of the 63 acres from Zephyr Development. Zephyr is continuing to pursue county approval for a residential subdivision on this site, while negotiating for a higher price from us. It was agreed by unanimous consent that the President should draft a letter of objection to the proposed subdivision for the safety reasons we have discussed previously, and all the MLAA corporate officers should co-sign the letter.





The NOAA balloon launch has been postponed until March 29th.

Dave Elliott reminded the board of the notice deadlines for by-law changes for our upcoming 2003 annual meeting. The Board has previously discussed the possibility of proposing an increase in the gas fee and minimum assessments, if they are dedicated to capital improvements. It was agreed Dave would word the proposed changes and bring them to the next meeting for Board approval.

The EAA’s proposal to Lease the Association’s Hangar was tabled until the next meeting.

The following members have consented to be candidates for the Board election May 13, 2003. Jack Dhooghe, Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Gene Kear, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook. Mike Branson and Richard Martin are undecided.

Verlin Schauer moved the meeting be adjourned.

The meeting was Adjourned at 4:55 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


_DRAFT -- COPY________________________

Mark Shook/Secretary

Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.





















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