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Board of Directors Meeting -Tuesday September 9, 2003

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:09pm. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook. Absent : None.

Copies of the Minutes of the August meeting were provided to each Board member prior to the meeting. Jamie Johnston made a motion that the Minutes be approved as presented. 2nd Richard Martin. Approved 7-0.

Treasurers Report/Dave Elliott. Dave presented a written Report, which was shared and discussed with the board. After consulting with his attorney, Jack Keen paid all past due amounts owed to the Association, including all dues, interest, and fees, and is now a member in good standing. Dave updated the board on the pending Legal proceedings against the remaining members in arrears (Turner and Harris). Mark Shook moved the Treasurers report be approved as presented. 2nd by Verlin Schauer. Approved 7-0.

Vehicles/Richard Martin. Richard reported that the sweeper needs to be moved to MLA from JeffCo. The trailers Mark Shook and Dave Elliott have offered are not rated for the weight. Dave Elliott will ask Dave Ritz or George Cold if we can borrow an equipment trailer. Richard reported that JeffCo also has 2 International Tractors with mowers that we could get for about $1200.00 each. Richard stated that he can get $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 for our old Ford Tractor.

Mark Shook moved that Richard be authorized to purchase one or both of the Tractors. APPROVED 7-0

ACC/ Verlin Schauer. Verlin reported he has requested a copy of the bond from Steve Johnson for the current hangar projects under construction. Verlin stated that the Thomas hangar project under construction has never been approved by the ACC. President Dhooghe will write a letter to Steve Johnson on these matters.



The Second reading of the proposed wording changes to Rule 02-03 were discussed. The Motion failed on a vote of 0-7. The board is forming sub committees to review and recommend changes to the by-laws, and all agreed this change is not needed at this time.



Paul Bryant from Colorado Engineering addressed the board on the current status of Airport drainage with El Paso County Planning / DOT. A major unanswered question is how MLA’s purchase of the former Zephyr (Shuttleworth) development will affect the requirements to those property owners in the current MLA filings



that want to build on their property? Paul will request that a representative from County transportation come to our October meeting to discuss the issue.



By a vote of 7-0, the board approved forming 2 sub-committees. Members were appointed based on the members stated willingness to serve. The committees are:

Taxiway Maintenance Committee

Wray Pedro

Gary Humphrey

Dave Headley

Lee Wolford

Dave Elliott

Richard Martin

Ricky Davidson

BY-LAW Review Committee

Robert Earler

Van Norred

Jeanie Sweet

Ed Kwaitkowski

Greg Vandeputte

Mark Shook

Dave Elliott




The meeting was Adjourned at 5:16 PM.





Respectfully submitted,






Mark Shook/Secretary

Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.



















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