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Board of Directors Meeting –Monday October 20, 2003

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:21pm. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook. Absent : None.

Copies of the Minutes of the September meeting were provided to each Board member prior to the meeting. Verlin Schauer made a motion that the Minutes be approved as presented. 2nd Gene Kear. Approved 7-0.

Treasurers Report/Dave Elliott. Dave presented a written Report, which was shared and discussed with the board. Dave Reported the new Tractor and triple deck mower is paid for at a cost of $1200.00.

Dave stated he felt we should not renew the Bank CD until the Conover note is paid off, and asked that we authorize internet Banking so the treasurer can more easily check our balances and transfer money between MLAA accounts.

Verlin Schauer moved we authorize the treasurer to not renew the Bank CD. 2nd by Jamie Johnston. Approved 7-0.

Mark Shook moved we authorize limited internet banking 2nd by Richard Martin. Approved 7-0.

Dave reported that the Harris Brothers are cooperating with the association and have signed an authorization for MLAA to lien their property for back dues.

Mark Shook moved the Treasurers report be approved as presented. 2nd by Richard Martin. Approved 7-0.

Vehicles/Richard Martin. Richard reported that we received several boxes of parts with our new mowers. By unanimous consent, Richard was authorized to repair the blade for the snow plow.

ACC/ Verlin Schauer. Verlin reported he has requested a copy of the bond from Steve Johnson for the current hangar projects under construction. Verlin stated that the Thomas hangar project under construction has never been approved by the ACC. Jack Dhooghe spoke to Steve Johnson a few days after last months meeting. Steve stated he would take care of these problems. Verlin reported that these issues are still not resolved and requested further board action. The secretary will draft a letter for the Presidents signature to Robert Thomas informing him that his building has not been approved by the ACC as required, and requesting his cooperation.


Gene Kear Moved we authorize the treasurer to contact our attorney to collect the back dues owed on the 25 acre Conover parcel #43040-01-038. 2nd by Jack Dhooghe. Approved 7-0.


Jamie Johnston informed the board on the upcoming Falcon School District Election requesting another increase in Property taxes. District #49’s flyer states a $7.90 per month or annual $94.80 increase for every $100,000.00 in assessed value for each residential property. Jamie estimated it would be closer to $380.00 per $100,000.00 in assessed value for each Hangar property, as hangars are assessed at a rate of 29%, and residential around 8%. This would increase every year as property values increase and continue for 20 years. By unanimous consent, Jamie was authorized to mail this information to all MLAA property owners.

The meeting was Adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

_______DRAFT COPY___________________________

Mark Shook/Secretary

Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.