Board of Directors Meeting –Tuesday – April 13, 2004

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:07 pm. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Absent: Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook.


Copies of the Minutes of the March meeting were not available and will be provided at the next meeting.

Treasurers Report/Dave Elliott.

Dave presented a Report, which was shared and discussed with the board. Dave reported that he still has not received an ACC deposit. Funds need to be released to Shuttleworth on May 15. So far two thirds of the dues have been received. We have received $435 in miscellaneous refunds from land purchases from the land and title company.

There were two closings last month. One was Dave Elliott, the other was Keith Strickland, who bought one property from Jack Kheen on Piper Lane.

The results of the recent IRS audit of the Airport Association is still pending.

Vehicles/Richard Martin

Richard plans to clean out the hangar and put everything outside for the safety exercise scheduled for May 12. A request was made to have the safety team park vehicles on Dave Elliott’s new property. They want to keep the people close, but not in line of sight. Dave agreed that they could park on his new property.

ACC/Gene Kear

Met with Keith Strickland. He never collected the registered letter we sent to him requesting a deposit, so we hand delivered the letter to him. We provided him with the information we needed for the next project, including the revised checklist. We also pointed out that item #2 stated the deposit was increased from $2,500 to $5,000 cash instead of an insurance bond. This money is to come from the property owner to encourage them to mange their developers. Mr. Strickland said he would bring in a plat map and the deposit money. That was the beginning of April. Still no deposit received or building plans. The new project requires a building permit. Lee Wolford stated that they have already received approval from Regional Planning to lay the foundation, but there is no permit for Phase 1, 2 and 3. Their contractor, Mr. Glaser, got a permit for Building 4, which is the new, big hangar at the end of Cessna Drive (Ricky Campbell’s). So far they have brought in 8,000 yards of dirt with another 4,000 yards anticipated. Members have voiced concerns about the dirt trucks damaging Cessna Drive, with no deposit on file with the ACC. The dirt being brought in is for phases 5, 6 and 7—which have not been approved yet by the ACC. Dave Elliot requested that we sweep Cessna Drive when they are done. He also requested that we have Avery Asphalt come out and reassess what repairs need to be made to fix the damage to Cessna Drive.

Dave Elliott stated that Regional Planning refuses to bless current building projects until the Strickland/Johnson issue is resolved. MLAA is having difficulty enforcing our ACC policies, and voluntary compliance is not working.

Gene Kear stated that’s why we’re requesting cash deposits from the owners.

Dave Elliott suggested that they are ignoring us.

Lee Wolford stated there is a legal problem if Regional Planning and the County refuse to do their job. They should not be able to use a private lawsuit to avoid their duties.

Dave Elliott said they see Meadow Lake as one big development, and they are use to dealing with one regional developer. Unfortunately that is not our situation, and they refuse to allow the ACC to function in that capacity.



Jack Dhooghe stated that MLAA is required to periodically advertise for engineering consultants. FAA required us to place a public notice in the paper to advertise for an engineer. The Master Plan needs to be updated and it can include a master drainage plan to be coordinated with Regional Planning. FAA will provide funding. So far we have only received one resume, and that was for the current engineer, Mr. Sirhall. All resumes were due by April 15, 2004. If there is no other applicants Jack Dhooghe suggested that we re-establish the relationship with Mr. Sirhall. Richard Martin voted for it, and Gene Kear 2nd the vote. It was unanimous.

Dave Elliott asked that we take a look at the 13 pages of by-laws. We have redlines that correspond to the numbers so it is easy to determine what is the proposed change. He requested permission to mail them out to everyone 30 days in advance, and have a Q&A session one week before the annual meeting to discuss any issues by members. That way the night of the meeting the membership doesn’t need to take up time discussing the revisions, they just vote yes or no at the annual meeting.

Jack Dhooghe announced that there was nothing from Pfost on the requested changes to the land deal so everything was filed the way it was submitted at closing.

The FAA has made a request that they be able to use this years $150,000 entitlement money for MLAA, and give it to Yuma, CO with the understanding that next year we would get the normal $150,000 plus Yuma’s $150,000 for a total of $300,000. Gene Kear confirmed with Dave Elliott that it did not affect this year’s bookkeeping. Dave said we would get other funds through the State Entitlement program. They want us to start moving dirt on the crosswind runway this year and they will help, as we need it. The committee decided that since they just gave us $3.5M it’s hard to turn down their request for $150,000. It would be prudent to work with them. There is a possibility that if Yuma doesn’t come up with their 10% that we would get our money this year, anyway.

We need to crack seal the runway and seal coat it. MLAA received a letter saying we were eligible for funds to do that again. Should we proceed? The board decided to see what the estimate was, determine what the 80-90% was they would pay, and check with the FAA on whether they wanted us to spend the money.


Lee Wolford discussed the pavement that Keith Strickland’s laid down at the big new hangar at the south end of Cessna Drive. He said the board misunderstood Keith’s intent for pavement. The object is to keep aircraft off of Cessna Drive. Unfortunately Keith’s chart was not very clear. On the E side of Cessna---which is referred to as Juliet—they would like to pave it out to the crosswind. Keith is willing to pave to his property line and wants the Association to finish the pavement to the cross wind. The estimate for Keith Strickland’s portion is $6,362.90. The estimate to MLAA is $5,130.00.

Richard Martin was concerned about the IRS saying that we were benefiting one group over others. Dave Elliott said we own that land. Jamie Johnston proposed that we discuss paving Keith Strickland’s taxiway if he shows up to the ACC with his $5,000 deposit and building plans for his buildings. If he works with us, we’ll work with him. That was 2nd by Gene Kear and carried by all.



Restaurant- Richard Martin priced the lumber to build an emergency staircase for the Restaurant Hangar. It will be $300 in materials. He proposed that MLAA buy the materials and EAA would build the staircase. Gene Kear wanted to know where we were on that building. EAA wanted to know the FAA thoughts on the master plan. Richard Martin suggested that EAA lease the building from MLAA and then rent the hangar portion back to MLAA to store their equipment. Jamie Johnston stated that was crazy. Everyone decided to wait on that issue until FAA determined what needed to happen with the building. Gene Kear made a motion to pay for materials for an emergency staircase. Dave Elliott 2nd the motion. It passed with 4 votes and one abstaining.

Runway Lights: Dave Elliott said Greg Vandepute requested we take greater caution with vehicles on the taxiway because we were running over lights with mowers, plows and other vehicles. The Vehicle Committee agreed.

Covenants: Dave Elliott would like to combine the covenants of the CCRs and the Residential area into one and attach them to new tracts for future development. Jamie Johnston brought up the issues ACC is having with enforcing their requirements. It will take several things to have the muscle required to enforce them. Specific issues with the covenants were discussed, like cost, enforcement and consistency. In order to enforce these covenants it would be prudent for the board members themselves to adhere to them.

The board discussed working together with Regional Planning to help enforce the codes. Lee Wolford said this was not possible. The board agreed to re-discuss this issue at the next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 pm


Respectfully submitted



Jamie Johnston/ Acting Secretary