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Annual Meeting of the Membership

Tuesday May 13, 2003


The Meeting was called to order at 6:43 PM by President Jack Dhooghe.

A reading of the Minutes of the 2003 meeting was presented by Secretary Mark Shook. Member Judith Meyers asked that a correction be noted as she recalled voting no to a motion that was given unanimous approval. Her comment was noted. A motion to approve the Minutes as read, was made by Verlin Schauer, 2nd by Wray Pedro.

The minutes were approved by majority vote.

Ballots were prepared and distributed by the Treasurer.

By calculation of both proxies held, and members present, it was determined that a quorum was present. (There being 30,199 total votes in good standing, and 23,859 votes present, (79%).

A prepared written ballot was passed to each member with the total of the members authorized votes shown on the ballot.

Treasurers Report: Dave Elliott reported the associations $64,000.00 Budget Income projections matched the projected expenditures. The association is expecting a $150,000.00 FAA Grant for this year, and again next year. Land purchases, if approved, could push that total much higher. Dave answered questions from the members. Mark Shook moved the Treasurers Report be accepted as presented. Second by Wray Pedro. Approved unanimously.

No Old Business.

New Business.

The membership application of Roscoe Griffin was presented along with a recommendation for approval from the board. Roscoes application for membership in the Meadow Lake Airport Association was approved unanimously by the membership.

President Jack Dhooghe asked those running for the board to stand and address the meeting. Each member did in turn along with comments on why the were running for election. President Dhooghe then called for any nominations from the floor. There were none and the nominations were closed.

Mark Shook moved that the 7 candidates for the Board be elected by unanimous consent as there are 7 open seats and 7 candidates.

Second by Ed Sweeney. Approved by an affirmative show of hands, and no one responding to the request for any opposed.

The 7 Directors elected are, Jack Dhooghe, Dave Elliott, Jamie Johnston, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, and Mark Shook.

Each proposed by-law change was explained. Questions and comments for and against were taken from the membership.

While voting on the proposed by-law Changes was underway, Jack Dhooghe and Dave Elliott addressed the membership on the progress the Airport has made over the last year, and answered questions.

The results of the 5 proposals were announced. The audited and corrected vote totals were:

- total votes in the Assn (as of May 1, 2003): 33,494

- total votes in good standing (as of May 1, 2003): 30,199

- total votes present or accounted for (proxies): 23,859

votes for / % of total / votes against / % of total

- Taxiway Resurfacing proposal: 13,742 45.50 10,117 33.50

- Future Taxiway Maint proposal: 14,530 48.11 9,329 30.89

- Airport Improve Fund proposal: 12,272 40.64 10,346 34.26

- Raise Min Assessment: 15,882 52.59 7,897 26.15

- Raise Fuel Surcharge: 13,435 44.49 10,344 34.25


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.








Mark S. Shook/ Secretary MLAA Inc.


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