1. RR90-2. Except as outlined in Article VII, Section 2, no other person, association member or board member shall enter into any agreement, contract for any service or obligate the association in any way without the prior majority vote approval of the Meadow Lake Airport Association Board of Directors.

    3. RR90-3. Exhibit A shall include those lots whose legal descriptions appear below and no new lots shall be added to Exhibit A unless or until they are added to the association under the terms of Article XIV. Before being added to Exhibit A, the owner of the property to be added must show proof to the Secretary of the corporation that binding covenant deed restrictions have been filed on the property requiring membership in the Meadow Lake Airport Association.

    5. RR90-4. Runway Use:
    6. 1. The pilot in command shall be responsible for runway selection and shall determine the aircraft operation is safe considering all the existing aircraft performance, airport traffic and runway conditions, prior to attempting any aircraft operation on Meadow Lake Airport.

      2. Glider Strip- and Crosswind Runway

      a. Use of the Glider Strip by any aircraft or ultralight must have the prior permission of the designated High Flight line chief during periods of operations by High Flights.

      b. Use of the Glider Strip by ultralights, STOL, and tailwheel aircraft when no glider operations are present are subject to item 1 (above).

      c. Takeoffs on runway (08-26) by ultralights, STOL and high performance tailwheel aircraft are permitted subject to item 1 (above).



    7. RR90-5. (Repealed Feb. 6, 1991)