1. EASEMENT VIOLATION PROCEDURE (Adopted September 9, 1991, Amended July 13, 1999)

If any Director of the Meadow Lake Airport Association receives a formal complaint from any member regarding violation of any platted easement in any Meadow Lake Airport filing, the following procedure will be used:

1. The Airport Association Management will investigate the complaint to determine if the complaint is legitimate and if, in fact, a violation of the platted easements does exist.

2. When a verified violation does exist, the offending member will be notified by the Association in writing of the exact nature of the violation. Said written notice shall give a specific time of not less than one nor more than 15 days to correct or remove the violation.

3. If the offending member does not correct or remove the violation within the time specified, the Airport Association's Management shall take whatever action is necessary to preserve, protect, and defend the common taxiway, road ingress, and egress easements of any and all filings of the Meadow Lake Airport.

    1. Temporary stopping to check or re-fuel an aircraft in a taxiway easement where aircraft have adequate room to pass and where the aircraft remains attended by the pilot in command shall not be a violation of Airport rules.