meadow lake airport association inc.

"Colorado’s Largest Pilot Owned Airport"





  1. The hangar portion of the building shall be reserved exclusively for use by the MLAA, and used primarily for the storage and maintenance of MLAA owned vehicles, and shall not be used by ANY other group.
  2. The upstairs meeting area, Rest Rooms, and Downstairs east entry area may be used by not for profit aviation related organizations with the prior approval of the board of Directors. The president of the Board will co-ordinate, schedule, and approve all future uses of the building on a space available basis. Details and contact information must be supplied by the requesting party.
  3. The Meadow Lake Airport Associations use of the building is primary and pre-empts any other scheduled use.
  4. After the MLAA, Meadow Lake Airport based aviation organizations will have first scheduling priority
  5. Any special exceptions require the prior approval of the board.