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RULE # 02-03 (18 November 2002)

Taxiway and Roadway Improvement Plan

Effective December 31, 2002. Each year, the treasurer will include in the annual budget a line item for the improvement of taxiways and roadways. Improvements to the taxiways and roadways listed below may be requested by any property owner having access to that taxiway. The MLAA will fund those projects that meet all the following criteria, on a one major project per year basis, Providing:

    1. Adequate funding exists.

    3. The project meets all standards adopted by the MLAA/ACC for width, Pavement thickness, etc.

    5. Projects funded by MLAA, must be approved and supervised by a designated officer of the MLAA.

    7. Priority for projects shall be, 1st All MLAA owned runways or taxiways, 2nd MLAA owned roadways, 3rd Privately owned Public Access easements which are platted as taxiways (listed below), 4th Privately owned Public access roadways listed below. Projects in a lower priority shall not be considered until all projects in the higher priority have been completed.

    9. Eligible Taxiways include C,D,E,F,G,H. Roadways include Cessna Drive and Piper Lane. Other Roadway or Taxiways may be added to the list of eligible Taxiways, and Roadways by the affirmative vote of the Entire Board.