92-2 RUNWAY/TAXIWAY DESIGNATIONS (Adopted February 25, 1992)
The following designation has been assigned the established taxiways:

1. The parallel taxiway on the east of Runway 15-33 is Taxiway Alpha; on the west of Runway 15-33, the parallel is Taxiway Bravo.

2. Starting at the north end of Runway 15, on the east side of the runway, the first exit is Alpha-l; on the west side, the first exit is Bravo-1.

3. This logic applies to the remaining runway entrance/exit taxiways. Thus, the east side taxiway exits are A-l, A-2, A-3 (center field), A-4, and A-5 (departure end of 15).

4. The taxiways on the east side, leading from Alpha into the parking/hangar properties, are Charlie, again numbered from the north end (e.g.: Charlie leads to EAA Hangars, Delta goes to LEAF, Echo to Branaman's, Foxtrot to Harper's, Golf parallels the north side of Runway 08-26).

5. The taxiway parallel and immediately adjacent to Cessna Drive is designated Hotel.

Snow Removal Plan:

1. The following is the priority listing for removing snowfall from the aircraft operating areas of Meadow Lake Airport:








ONE Runway 15-33

ONE Taxiway exits Alpha-1 and Alpha-5

ONE Taxiway Alpha

TWO Taxiway Bravo-1 and Bravo

THREE Taxiway exits Alpha-2, 3, and 4

FOUR Taxiways Charlie, Delta, Foxtrot

FOUR Taxiways (other)

FIVE The light duty snow plow released for use by qualified

operators in snow removal in Hangar and tie-down areas.

2. Snow removal should be commenced when the accumulated depth is about two to three.


3. In summary; Priority one and two are to open the airport to traffic; Priority three will be to complete the opening; Priority four and five will be to provide basic access to the operating areas.

4. Snow removal from privately owned properties is the responsibility of the property owner. Care must be exercised to avoid moving snow from private property onto public use taxiways.