Meadow Lake Airport

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2008


 The Meeting was called to order at 3:07 PM

 Members in attendance:

Jack Dhooghe

Richard Martin

Lee Wolford

Jean Jenkins

Mike Easley

Verlin Schauer

David Elliott Absent

 Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the October meeting & November meeting with FAA & CDOT were read

Motion to approve minutes was made by Lee Wolford, Seconded by Richard Martin, Approved 6/0

 Treasurer Report - Lee Wolford:

MLAA Proposed budget for 2008 was presented and discussed. Treasurer, Lee Wolford asked the board to review the proposed budget and get back to him in 14 days with any revisions

Treasurer Lee Wolford Will publish final budget in two weeks it can be reviewed at that time.

MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING: Lee Wolford, Treasurer asked for Verlin Schauer to verify names of members not in good standing and that list will be given to Victoria Swanson, Attorney for MLAA for possible legal action.

BANK BALANCE: $145,000

Monthly bills remain to be paid

Additional funds received:

Insurance Indemnification on the lawsuit funds received – 2 checks for $375.35 – won’t pursue further.

$2,500 received from David Hutton to repair the sign he damaged landing his Lancair – the sign will be repaired as soon as the parts are received – it takes about 2 weeks to get parts.

Other misc. checks received from fuel, etc to be deposited.

Motion to approve treasurers report was made by Richard Martin, Seconded by Jean Jenkins, Approved 6/0

 Equipment Report - Richard Martin:

The lighted sign will be repaired as soon as parts are received.

1 Ton - Relay stuck on - battery drained - could not be recharged - replaced at no charge by Walmart

Richard stressed the need for caution using equipment on the runway overlay – it is thin and easily damaged.

 ACC Report – Richard Martin:

There have been no contacts.

 Presidents Report - Jack Dhooghe:

Using the runway when MLAA had snow removal equipment is on the runway is hazardous and from now on there will be a Notam when maintenance equipment is on the runway for snow removal.

Board could buy portable radios for use when doing work on the runway

 Committee Reports:

MLA Development Committee we need a new chairperson

Old Business

Jean Jenkins the Revision of the Articles of Incorporation balloting – 66% of the eligible votes were received in favor of the change. 1 ballot received voting against – paperwork was been signed by the President and Secretary and given to the airport attorney to send into the state.

Members in good standing: 43,987 eligible members in good standing

28,840 received in favor 40 Opposed to the change

Remainder did not return their ballot or were not members in good standing

Dave’s reports attached:

Ron Lee presented a proposal from the prison system for the density altitude and transient parking signs – discussion included Price, changing the wording from EAA Hangar to MLAA Building, adding self serve gas and installation. Ron Lee will check the price with Mike Rulo, have the signs made and install the signs in an approved manner. Payment has to made prior to the signs being made.

Motion to approve signs, get them made and install signs: – Motion by Lee Wolford, second by Jean Jenkins – motion carried 6/0

Verlin Schauer regarding unpaid dues:

#1. The MLAA BOD needs to check the Turner property to see that the annual dues are accruing. Dues deferred until property is sold and at the closing because there is a lien the amount will be computed by the title company and paid to MLAA.

#2 Aero Land Holdings – They want to be removed from the association but Verlin Schauer wants Victoria Swanson, MLAA Attorney, to send a letter that there are dues accruing on their property and when it is sold they will become due. Lee Wolford will send Victoria a letter expressing Verlin Schauer’s concern and asking her to advise MLAA BOD what options are available to the Association to collect the past, present and future unpaid dues.

#3. The Diesel shop (Russell & Justin Day) – dues have been unpaid for 2 years. They have sold fuel from that facility and have not paid the fee per gallon. Business currently closed by EPA. Verlin Schauer wants Victoria Swanson, MLAA Attorney, to send a letter stating that there are dues accruing on the property that could result in a lien.

Water Tanks – Verlin has a person who would remove the 2 -10,000 gallon tanks located at behind the old Black Forest Fire Station and move then to Meadow Lake Airport for $3,000. Verlin will get a price for filling in the hole after the tanks are removed. After we get a total cost we need to compare with possible access to the water line north of Judge Orr and determine which is most viable and cost effective.

 New Business

None presented

 Motion to adjourn: Lee Wolford made a Motion to adjourn, it was second by Richard Martin Approved (6/0)

Jean Jenkins

MLAA Secretary