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Board of Directors Meeting –Monday August 9, 2004

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 1:20 PM. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, Mark Shook and Lee Wolford. Local Government VP Jamie Johnston also attended Absent : Richard Martin

Approval of the Minutes. Minutes for the Regular July meeting, and the 2 Special meetings in July were presented.

Motions to approve the minutes as presented were made,

JULY 6th Special meeting, Gene Kear, 2nd Verlin Schauer, Approved 6-0.

JULY 13th meeting, Verlin Schauer, 2nd Gene Kear, Approved 6-0.

JULY 16th meeting, Verlin Schauer, 2nd Lee Wolford, Approved 6-0.

Treasurers Report/Dave Elliott. Dave presented a written Report, which was shared and discussed with the board. Dave reported we have approximately $435,000.00 in several accounts. Members with outstanding Dues, Dale Nixon, and Topaz LLC. Dave reports the paperwork is complete on Grant # 9, and we are now working on Grant #10. The Checking and savings accounts authorized in July has been established at Farmers State Bank. A Motion to approve the Report was made by Mark Shook. 2nd by Lee Wolford. APPROVED 6-0.

ACC- Reports No activity.

LGA - Jamie Johnston reported on the county planning meeting she attended to discuss the Amended sketch plan for the Santa Fe Springs development east of MLA. Jamie questioned the location of water tanks and a possible multi story Theater just east of the departure for the new (proposed) crosswind Runway. The planning commission was receptive to our having a representative at their meetings.



(Richard Martin arrived a few minutes after the meeting started.)

It was suggested that the board consider a resolution affirming our future support for the glider club and ultralight/ Light Sport Aviation activity. No motion was made.

Dave Elliott presented the revised bid from George Cold to improve the crosswind runway, add drainage tubes and take down the higher ground on both sides of the runway south of Cessna Drive so the water drains away from the runway instead of down the runway.

Mark Shook made a motion to approve the bid from George Cold to Improve the Crosswind Runway to a maximum of $14,654.40. 2nd by Lee Wolford.







Dave passed the written bid to the board . During discussion Dave Elliott questioned why the bid included over 100 hours of machine time and noted that that was over 2 weeks total time. Dave said he wanted to clarify this with George. Verlin Schauer suggested we may need more drainage tubes than in the current bid, and stated he would like to meet with George before the work starts to clarify the (scope) of the project. It was suggested that the board meet on site with George to discuss this, or that we hold another meeting with the entire board after we get George's answers. After discussion, it was decided that the entire board meeting with George on site was not practical. Mark amended his motion to add a requirement to have Dave meet with George on site to clarify the scope of the work before he (Dave) authorizes the work. Verlin will be notified of the time and place. The revised motion was re-read, and was APPROVED by a vote of 6-1.

Rule 04-01 voted on at the last meeting was brought up for re-consideration as it did not pass by the full board on first reading.

RULE 04-01 All Airport equipment shall be reserved for use on Airport property and designated taxiway easements (C) through (H) only, and shall not be used by anyone on other private property. The Ford 8N Tractor is exempt from this RULE.

After discussion of the conflicts with Rule 01-03, Mark Shook made a motion to Repeal Rule 01-03, and approve Rule 04-01 as read. 2nd by Lee Wolford. The motion passed 7-0.

Mark Shook noted for the record that the motion passed at the July 16th meeting (Jack Dhooghe suggested that the crosswind runway was dangerous and should be closed or Notamed for Emergency Use Only. This idea was discussed and rejected by the majority. A compromise motion was made by Lee Wolford to NOTAM 26 for Full Stop Landing Only, Take off on 08 only. Use at Pilots Discretion. 2nd by Mark Shook Approved 5-2.) is invalid because it conflicts with a current Rule and Regulation (Rule 90-4) passed in 1990. A Rule can only be changed on first reading by an affirmative vote of the entire board.

RR90-4. Runway Use:

1. The pilot in command shall be responsible for runway selection and shall determine the aircraft operation is safe considering all the existing aircraft performance, airport traffic and runway conditions, prior to attempting any aircraft operation on Meadow Lake Airport.

2. Glider Strip- and Crosswind Runway

a. Use of the Glider Strip by any aircraft or ultralight must have the prior permission of the designated High Flight line chief during periods of operations by High Flights.

b. Use of the Glider Strip by ultralights, STOL, and tailwheel aircraft when no glider operations are present are subject to item 1 (above).

c. Takeoffs on runway (08-26) by ultralights, STOL and high performance tailwheel aircraft are permitted subject to item 1 (above).


Dave Elliott made a motion to approve up to $3000.00 to maintain and repair the drainage ditch parallel to Cessna Drive. 2nd by Mark Shook. Approved 7-0.

Silver Wings will meet at Dave Elliott's Hangar on Saturday 8/14. The QB's will also meet that same day at the Penkhus hangar. Saturday 8/21 is the EAA Airport Day and Fly in.

Russ Chadwick contacted Jack Dhooghe and stated his group wants to launch another weather balloon September 18th or 19th.

There were No objections to any of these planned activities.

The meeting was Adjourned at 2:55 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

----------------DRAFT COPY ---------------------------------


Mark Shook/Secretary

Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.