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"Coloradoís Largest Pilot Owned Airport"


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, September 13, 2004

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:09 PM. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, Mark Shook and Lee Wolford. Also in attendance, Dave Bennett. Absent: None


Secretary/Mark Shook:

Treasurer/Dave Elliott:



Vehicles/Richard Martin:

ACC/Gene Kear:

Local Govít Liaison/Jamie Johnston: Absent.


Once again, Gene Johnston's numerous letters and complaints to the board were discussed.

CESSNA DRIVE DRAINAGE DITCH. On the Cessna Drive road and drainage repair on a private property easement issue, Dave Elliott clarified that the IRS had never prohibited anything of the kind. The auditor had simply questioned the practice and said she would "look at" the issue. Over seven months later, no objections have been forthcoming. After review of the memberís questions, the boardís official response is: Mark Shook made a motion to re-affirm our prior decision to repair Cessna drive. 2nd by Lee Wolford. APPROVED 6-0.

RUNWAY 08/26. Dave Elliott clarified that the FAA had no objection to us improving 08-26, and as with most non-FAA funded projects, it was left to the Airports discretion. This project came in ON TIME and approximately $3,000.00 UNDER BUDGET. The engineering and other questions raised, were also discussed. Verlin Schauer stated that it should be noted that the board "had the full authority to do what we did" (to improve Runway 08-26). Lee Wolford stated that "We got more than our Moneys worth, and itís a Beautiful job." It was noted that the board approved this project 6-1, and at a subsequent meeting, reaffirmed that decision 6-1.


USE OF RWY 08-26. Jack Dhooghe stated he wanted to revisit concerns that we have improved 08-26, and now we have made it more attractive, and more people are likely to use it. It was suggested that we use 08 for take off and 26 for landing only similar to 28-10 at Centennial Airport. The main safety issue expressed was for 2 aircraft, one taking off on 15, and another taking off on 26. In this hypothetical situation, the pilots cannot see each other, and the fear is they may collide at the intersection. One solution is to prohibit all take offs on Runway 26. This idea was rejected, as the problem with a blanket prohibition is that it also would prohibit the many safe take off operations on Runway 26 by ultralights and other STOL aircraft and prohibit 26 operations when a strong west wind favors 26. Most STOL aircraft take off and turn south before crossing the 15-33 flight path. The board voted to re-affirmed RULE 90-4, as official MLAA policy;

90-4. Runway Use:

1. The pilot in command shall be responsible for runway selection and shall determine the aircraft operation is safe considering all the existing aircraft performance, airport traffic and runway conditions, prior to attempting any aircraft operation on Meadow Lake Airport.

2. Glider Strip- and Crosswind Runway

a. Use of the Glider Strip by any aircraft or ultralight must have the prior permission of the designated High Flight line chief during periods of operations by High Flights.

b. Use of the Glider Strip by ultralights, STOL, and tailwheel aircraft when no glider operations are present are subject to item 1 (above).

c. Takeoffs on runway (08-26) by ultralights, STOL and high performance tailwheel aircraft are permitted subject to item 1 (above).

and voted to add to our Airport Facility Directory Listing for Runway 08-26;

"Use extreme caution as conflicting N-S traffic using 15-33 cannot be seen from Runway 26."

NOAA BALLOON. Jack informed the board that the edge of space research group would like to launch another NOAA weather balloon from MLA on October 16th and/or 17th. No objections were noted.

PROJECT COMMITTEE. Jack Dhooghe raised the question of establishing a member committee to involve members in future projects. Lee Wolford strongly objected to the suggestion as proposed. It was the overwhelming consensus of the board that special committees should be used only in specific, well defined situations. One example is the outstanding job done by our 2003 By-Law committee. Any future committee should model the limited scope, board interaction and cooperation and given to them.

FAA/COS ATC. Mark Shook presented the letter received from COS/FAA requesting the opportunity for a meeting of the pilots, FBO's, and Flight instructors at MLA. This meeting would be sponsored by the Airport Association, and FAA Tower personnel would speak and answer pilots questions. Mark Shook was given approval to set up the meeting.

MLA FILING NO 14. Dave Elliott made a presentation to the board about Proposed MLA Filing No. 14 on their 25 acre parcel. No action was taken as this was an information update.

The meeting was Adjourned at 4:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

----DRAFT COPY-------


Mark Shook/Secretary Meadow Lake Airport Association, Inc.