Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

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Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday December 14, 2004

President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:10 PM. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, Mark Shook, and Lee Wolford. Absent: none


Secretary/Mark Shook:

Treasurer/Dave Elliott:



Vehicles/Richard Martin:

ACC/Gene Kear:

The ACC has received a notice from El Paso County Planning requesting comments on a new hangar. Plans have not yet been received from the member.



Appeal ACC Cash Bond/ Steve Johnson

At the November meeting, Greg Johnson presented a 2 page letter outlining what he considers unwise board actions and the lack of experience and expertise in land development and building construction by those appointed to review building plans. Steve Johnson objected to the ACC revoking his and other builders prior variance to the ACC cash bond without any notification or opportunity to be heard on the matter. Secretary Mark Shook pointed out that the record showed the board action was to raise the cash bond from $2,500.00 to $5,000.00. No action had been taken on the prior Insurance certificate waivers. They were discussed, but not eliminated.

Steve Johnson appears today to appeal the ACC decision to deny approval to the building plans he submitted. The ACC reasons were stated as 1) due to his lack of a cash bond, and 2) His building was not set back 40 feet from the property line. Steve reminded the board his insurance certificate that we had been accepting was still in effect. Verlin and Gene expressed that their understanding of the increase to the cash bond had eliminated the instance option. Steve Johnson's position is correct, It was clarified at last months meeting that No action had been taken to eliminate the insurance option. A history of the origin and intent of the cash bond was discussed. Ironically it was then MLAA President Greg Johnson that originally proposed the bond as a way to recover damage from heavy trucks damaging private taxiways during construction. It was generally agreed that trucks as heavy or greater regularly use the airport from non construction sources and are not required to pay a deposit (UPS, Fuel Deliveries, Trash Trucks, Etc.) and that we are not allowed to give the money deposited with us to any of the private landowners that might suffer damage, and that the volunteer airport board and ACC are not trained or equipped to police the truck traffic and settle disputes that may arise. The associations attorney has suggested we develop a fee and deposit requirement tied to compliance. The wording of a new rule on construction compliance should be discussed by the board, and input from experienced builders and developers as well as interested association members should be solicited. Mark Shook moved the question, " Shall the Board of Directors declare the ACC cash deposit requirement repealed and shall the Treasurer be directed to return all Cash deposits currently held? The motion was seconded by Dave Elliott, and Approved with 5 IN FAVOR, 1 Opposed, and 1 Abstained.

Revise RULE 02-03./ Mark Shook

New Committees/ Dave Elliott


Non Aviation Use's / Dave Elliott







RULE # 04-04 (Adopted 14 December 2004)

Taxiway Easements

Taxiway easements are primarily for the ingress and egress of aircraft.

(1) No above ground structures or obstructions shall be placed in

taxiway easements.

  1. All utilities placed in taxiway easements shall be under ground.

After discussion, the motion was APPROVED 7-0.

Presentation Update Filing #14 Dave Elliott



The meeting was Adjourned at 5:15 PM.




Respectfully submitted,





Mark Shook/Secretary Meadow Lake Airport Association, Inc.