Meadow Lake Airport Association Inc.

"Colorado’s Largest Pilot Owned Airport"




Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday March 8, 2005


President Jack Dhooghe called the Meeting to order at 3:08 PM. Present were Members, Dave Elliott, Gene Kear, Richard Martin, Verlin Schauer, Mark Shook, and Lee Wolford. Absent: none



Verlin made a motion to approve minutes of a special board meeting held Jan 25, 2005. 2nd by Richard Martin. Dave Elliott objected to the minutes and stated that the meeting was not called in accordance with the by-laws as he was not notified. Mark Shook stated that he was not asked to notify anyone, but was given a paper signed by 5 board members calling a special meeting on Jan 25 to approve the 25 acre land deal, and could not be there as he had jury duty that day. Mark reminded the board of that his request to reschedule that meeting the next day when both he and the Treasurer could attend was denied by the president. The minutes were approved with 5 In Favor, 1 Opposed. Mark Shook abstained as he was not present at that meeting.



Lee Wolford made a motion the minutes be approved as presented, 2nd by Gene Kear. Approved 7-0.













The meeting was Adjourned at 5:13PM.



Respectfully submitted,






Mark Shook/Secretary Meadow Lake Airport Association, Inc.